Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Key To Unraveling The Mysteries Of Life With Palm Reading

Palm reading is an ancient mystery that involves predicting the future by reading the lines on the palm. To understand the secrets, it is important to understand the aspects involved in palm reading.
You love a certain type of music; you enjoy a certain taste for food; you have your favorite TV shows; the books you read (if you read at all), and the list goes on. Each of these small traits defines the kind of person you are. Not everyone becomes aware of their habits or their inner self all at once. The process of self-discovery is slow and but hard.

You may think that these characteristics are developed over the course of time; however, there is a mystery right in your hand (no pun intended). In simple words, it is called palmistry, or rather you can deduce, the art of reading the palm and unveiling your true character. Yes, you might pick a habit or two from your best friend or be exposed to a particular kind of culture, but your true self is much controlled by the lines on your palm. 

Shocking? You thought palm reading was just another of that trivial fortune telling sessions, where the palmist reads your palm and makes predictions. Well, you were mistaken. Palmistry is way more than that. As famous palmist in Kolkata predicts, these are the secrets that might interest you.
First, there are four notable lines on your palm. There might numerous small lines as well, but they are not visible. The four prominent lines on your palm define each of the character aspects

The lines are: 

The topmost horizontal line is the heart line.
The line immediately below it is the head line.

The half-circle which starts near your thumb and falls to the bottom of your palm is the life line.

The slightly curved vertical line is the fate line

According to the celebrated palmist in Kolkata, your heart line depicts your love life. Different shapes and formations have different implications, for instance, if the line starts from the end of your hand and stretches to the index finger, it means you have a smooth love life. Contrary, if it is straight and short, you are a person who is not interested in love. 

The head line represents which rules you, your head or your heart. 

Your life line is symbolic of your life, which means whether you are happy with your life if you are prone to sudden changes and so on. 

The fate line shows your zest your life and the kind of individual you are. 

Thus, with the different lines indicating different things, you know now how they play a major role in carving your true self. The art of reading palms has been popular since ancient times when people were interested and charmed by the enigma surrounding it. However, the modern times have resolved the mystery somewhat, giving people idea about the mysteries.  

Renowned palmist in Kolkata is experienced in the art and has been serving customers with their accurate predictions for years. If you are fascinated by palmistry, you can register for a session. They charge a nominal amount of money to conduct the sessions that can be arranged either online or in person.

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